Our portfolio

FENDO MedizinTechnik offers high quality manufactured disposable and reusable products for a fair price.

Our products are constantly modified and verified. We keep a close contact with doctors and nurses to adapt our products to the users and patients needs (high quality milled, polished forceps for an accurate cut of a tissue sample and that for less injuries of the sector, where the sample of tissue has been removed, ergonomically formed handles, etc.)

The compatibility with all types of Endoscopes is important for us, as well (narrowed, polished coils are kinder to the biopsy channel and improve the infeed). Special length and sizes can be manufactured regarding to our clients wishes.


Result list (search item "Retrieval Basket")

> Retrieval Basket ”Ball Basket”

(Category: Pediatric endoscopy (endoscopy for children), Item no.: FE-D1023GL010)

> Retrieval Basket ”Basket”

(Category: Disposable products, Item no.: FE-D2419GL020, FE-D2423GL035)

> Retrieval Basket ”Ball Basket”

(Category: Disposable products, Item no.: FE-D1012GL010, FE-D1023GL010)

> Retrieval Basket with guide wire

(Category: ERCP, Item no.: FE-2720LT25)

> Retrieval Basket for stone extraction

(Category: ERCP, Item no.: FE-D2340LT020, FE-D2340LT025, FE-D2340LT030, FE-D2340LT035)

> Lithotripsy Retrieval Basket

(Category: ERCP, Item no.: FE-D2320LT020, FE-D2320LT025, FE-D2320LT030, FE-D2320LT036)

> Retrieval Basket ”Ball Basket”

(Category: Bronchoscopy, Item no.: FE-D1012GL010)

> Retrieval Basket ”Basket”

(Category: Reusable products, Item no.: FE-2419GL020, FE-2423GL035)

> Retrieval Basket ”Spirality”

(Category: Reusable products, Item no.: FE-2419GL220, FE-2419GL230, FE-2423GL230)

> Retrieval Basket ”Ball Basket”

(Category: Reusable products, Item no.: FE-2419GL320, FE-2423GL330)